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          Three quarters textile industry is running situation TRANSFERRED

          Posted by:JINGU  Time:2015/9/25 17:27:24

          In order to be more real, close to the understanding of the enterprise operation, textile machinery weekly has been sticking to investigation and analysis of economic operation of enterprise. For many domestic textile machinery enterprises, according to a survey this year, due to the influence of the domestic market downturn, the domestic sales of textile machinery enterprises generally declined, but sales of textile machinery products are exported to southeast Asia and other countries and regions have greatly improved. At the same time, some of the high degree of automation, intelligent textile machinery equipment sales falling market growth, in some areas, high-end equipment for sale. Textile machinery equipment market change reflects the trend of textile industry automation production.

          The domestic market sales fell

          Inverse city - automated spinning equipment sales growth

          And domestic cotton prices fell sharply, the sustaining wearying of market demand factors, such as spinning enterprises on the new projects this year a large number of reducing, spinning machinery manufacturing enterprises is more at the completion of orders last year. In general, spinning machinery sales generally fell by 15% ~ 15%. However, some product sales have greatly improved, such as automatic combing machine, textile automatic doffing robot, due to its high degree of automation, intelligent, greatly reducing the labor cost savings for the enterprise.

          Rizhao yuhua machinery co., LTD. In the first half of the negative pressure type compact spinning device sales to 2013 basic same, but the gas shake frame and ring series products sales had greater breakthroughs are compared with the previous year, year-on-year growth of around 10%. Notable is, yuhua company with Switzerland to expand the company's kraft RoCoS compact spinning is mechanical recognition and attention by more and more customers, to achieve the year-on-year growth of 20% performance. Companies in the second half of the orders and the increased, due to market reasons for delay delivery of the first half of the order basically implemented in the second half of the year, is expected to peak in the fourth quarter of year.

          Tongling pine treasure intelligent equipment co., LTD launched the prominent characteristics of the integrated intelligent doffer ring spun is fully automatic, continuous, uninterrupted, intubation, doffing time is short, consumables, saving investment and wide adaptation, popular with the customers, the sales income is 44.7882 million yuan in January to August, including export sales income is 3.1444 million yuan, in the second half of the order has been increased month by month, after the September intelligent doffer orders about 100 units.

          Shaoxing today automation equipment technology co., LTD. With a mother and son machine structure, pipe doffing integration, loose tube drawing, leave the tail yarn and automatic balance of five aspects, such as advantage follows JZAD485 automatic doffing tube machine, in the first half of this year's sales income 8 million yuan, have soared from last year's 3 million yuan, at the same time, companies in the second half of intention to order reached more than 2000 ten thousand yuan.

          - differentiation knitting machinery in sales

          In the first three quarters of this year sales of knitting machinery in general have fallen, in the case of warp knitting machine, warp knitting machine production enterprise's total sales this year showed a trend of decline; At the same time, some companies reflect, despite sales but lower profit margins, sales fell by 20% ~ 20%. In the homogeneityphenomenon serious situation, some enterprise bigger breakthrough in sales, because they focus on research and development orientation in the high-end market and differentiated markets, such as before will not be more focus on the axial, hemming warp knitting machine in this year has ushered in a market selling climax.

          Jiangsu embellish source holdings group co., LTD., predicted earlier, lace machine production may decline in the second half of 2014. Therefore, the company takes the lead in axial, sewing machine will be more products into the market, and get a good sales.

          Intelligent machine advantages more apparent

          In addition to the factors of raw material costs, enterprises lack of confidence, customer demand is not strong, and the difficulty of the bank raised lending and so on, affect the enterprise the purchase of new equipment, also make some good orders already signed cannot implement. Weaving equipment production enterprise of the domestic market sales were down by 30% ~ 50% in general, some even more. From the point of the market situation, the domestic enterprise to the increasing demand for high-end products, has prominent advantages in automation, intelligent weaving equipment sales.

          Wuxi silk alvin air-jet loom manufacturing co., LTD. In the first half of the sales fallen more sharply, at the same time, mainly affected by the downstream weaving enterprise demand is not strong, in the second half of the company in the domestic market sales situation did not improve. Company plans to develop more labor saving, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment to cope with the change of market environment.

          Staubli precision machinery (hangzhou) electronics co., LTD. In the first half of the total sales in the past has fallen by about 30%. To this end, the company introduced a more effective equipment to save human, some small high degree of automation of the rapier loom and shuttle machine product sales are more optimistic. In addition, the company for the Chinese market demand, in the second half of this year to launch a new intelligent drawing-in machine, so in the second half of the year in the first half of sales increased.

          - the printing equipment upgrade requirements

          Printing machine, for example, due to the printing machine market sales last year is very considerable, customers in a short period of time don't need a new car purchase; In addition, by the domestic printing and dyeing enterprise environmental requirements more stringent, printing and dyeing enterprises are required equipment production enterprise to already bought machine upgrading to increase production, make this printing machine sales into the trough.

          Taiwan leader printing machinery co., LTD. By market environment effect, in the first three quarters of this year compared to last year, the domestic market sales fell by about 10%. Even so, still not ruled out by early next year at the end of this period sales will improve. Because with the gradual improvement of the national environmental requirements of printing and dyeing industry, enterprises of backward production capacity out will bring new market space to high-end equipment, the company is part of product orders from these companies.

          As of November, yu Thai textile co., LTD., the domestic market sales fell by about half. At present a lot of printing and dyeing enterprises to proceed to upgrading equipment, printing machine speed is generally increased about three times that a single capacity expanded more than 1 times, in the absence of new equipment, printing and dyeing enterprise capacity significantly increased a lot. Since this year, yu Thai company has been busy to customers in terms of product upgrade, this also is the main task of the current company.

          Increase market share - high-end textile equipment

          Due to the market demand is not prosperous, cotton mills shut down more than 50% in some regions, spinning frame therefore delay shipment, indirect cause accessories such as roller product sales decline. Relevant enterprises roller has a sales fell more than 20% generally, increased by the downstream enterprise products a higher demand, low end of the spindle product sales has generally been declining, and the rise in sales of high-end spindle stability; Reed products are similar, as a result of reed production enterprises directly in the face of the fabric producers, they must be developed according to customer requirements of different types of reed products, so as to produce different types of fabrics, this makes the production of high-end reed sales remained, and low-end products production enterprises around the edge of being eliminated by the industry...

          Become a bright spot in overseas markets

          Throughout this year in the first three quarters of the textile market, companies in the domestic market sales fell very common, but the export market of almost all types of products have very big growth. With textile machinery weekly market survey results, according to customs statistics on information network, in the first three quarters of this year our country textile machinery products export total of $2.3 billion, an increase of 24%. In contrast, in the first three quarters of China's various textile raw materials and products of export growth, are only single-digit growth. In the textile machinery products are exported to countries, India and Vietnam as the main export market: China's exports to India $400 million, up 13.6%; For Vietnam's exports of $250 million, up by 60.9%; Above two markets exports total accounted for 28.4% of the total amount of textile machinery products are exported to the same period.

          China textile machinery equipment industry association have national textile machinery enterprises in the first three quarters of all the data to the market situation is obtained similar judgment. China textile machinery equipment industry association, vice President of Gu Ping said in an interview: "this year in the first three quarters of the textile industry in the domestic market all the data were not good last year, among them, the main business revenue and profit declined slightly; fixed assets investment is slightly higher, new projects of double-digit growth is different from previous years, rendering only single-digit growth; various data, only the import and export market, is the new luminescent spot of the industry, our country in the first three quarters of this year's export amount has close to 2.5 billion yuan for all of last year's total exports."

          Although this year than last year, the domestic market performance Gu Ping next year will also fall. One of the reasons is that businesses generally reflect this year's orders, impact on next year's sales; But the main reason is that the raw material price is high, textile product competitiveness, and domestic market demand are not two reasons for this. He pointed out that compared with the dilemma of passive transformation, enterprises should pay more attention to research and development, produce with the core competitiveness of the products, do not disconnect issue to adapt to the market demand for personalized products, at the same time pay attention to the enterprise in product design, the improvement of production management and marketing, and meet the challenges actively transformation.

          Gu Ping analyzes believed that at present domestic textile machinery products with excellent performance and high cost performance, has gradually been India, Indonesia and other southeast Asian countries and regions, accepted by the market. But the export products after-sales service team of the enterprise is a great test of European and American countries recognition of high-end products is very high, because of its high degree of automation, mechanization production, will be in the process of equipment production to minimize the artificial factors, therefore the reliability of the products is strong, the late almost do not need to undertake after-sales service. Domestic equipment to develop greater overseas market, must be serious in this area. Next year, the association will be in the overseas market to the overall promotion of domestic textile machinery, to help domestic enterprises to better develop new markets; At the same time, in the domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the process of industrial robot 4.0, further promoting the development of domestic products in the high-end.

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